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located in Weifang, China.

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Weifang Toption Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Weifang, China, is a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer that provides customers with one-stop solutions for their water treatment systems. We offer R&D, production, sales, equipment installation, commissioning and operation, technical service, and consultation.
Formerly a professional FRP manufacturer, Toption Machinery can produce any form of FRP products according to customer drawings, such as FRP vessels/tanks,FRP pipes,FRP enviromental protection equipment, FRP reactors, FRP cooling towers, FRP spray towers, FRP deodorization towers, FRP absorption towers, etc.

With the application of FRP products in water treatment equipment, the leaders of the company began to pay attention to China's freshwater resources and usage.
China has historically been a country short of water resources, with only 5% of the world’s freshwater, but consuming 15% of the world’s water. Toption Machinery started to enter the field of water treatment equipment in 2009, and has developed into a team of 120 people today. We continue to carry out technological innovation and improve the scientific and technological content of our products. We successfully developed water treatment products with international standards.
Our main products include automatic water softening equipment, water recycling equipment (including car washing water recycling equipment, which can provide a complete set of car washing line schemes according to customer needs), UF ultrafiltration equipment, seawater desalination equipment, RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment, EDI ultrapure water equipment, sewage treatment equipment such as industrial and domestic sewage treatment equipment, integrated sewage treatment equipment, Inclined tube settler, sludge dewatering extruder, etc. Our filter series includes self-cleaning filters, fiber ball filters, multimedia filters, and more. The mobile water station developed by Toption Machinery is equipped with a generator, which only needs gasoline or diesel to start the equipment, making water in the case of power failure or no mains power. The treated water quality can reach the standard of pure water, which is safe and convenient. It is widely used in field operations, earthquake disaster areas, urban emergency water supply, sudden water pollution, flood disaster areas, remote areas, etc.

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In addition to high-quality products and cost-effective water treatment equipment, Toption Machinery provides after-sales guarantees for customers at home and abroad to ensure secure use.
1. Warranty period: One-year warranty covers the whole equipment.
2. Technical support: Provide free training at any time for technical problems encountered in the operation of our equipment.
3. Repair and maintenance:
After the expiration of the free warranty, provide lifetime maintenance, and only the service and spare parts cost will be charged. Establish an equipment user's contact profile, and our after-sales service personnel will regularly contact users to track and inquire about system operation and equipment use, environmental supervision department testing, and make notes.
Toption Machinery always adheres to the people-oriented principle; regards energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection as our mission. Take responsibility to enhance the awareness of people around the world to cherish water, protect water, and prevent flood disasters. Willing to work with people of insight all over the world to contribute to the development and utilization of water resources on the earth. On the way to cherish water and protect the earth's environment, there are you and me !

Seeking worldwide distributors to work together for win-win cooperation and common development !

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